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  • Diseñado para dar una sensación de conducción real de Fórmula Uno.

  • Mediciones reales para una verdadera F1.

  • Hecho de fibra de vidrio y carbono de alta calidad.

  • Sistema de 3 proyectores láser 4K para maximizar la visibilidad.

  • Volante - F1 con botones programables.

  • Pedales ajustables con presión realista DRS - F1.

  • Rin F1 O.Z.

  • Llantas Pirelli F1.

  • Sistema de plataforma Full Motion para una simulación realista de G-Force que reproduce la sensación de vibración, aceleración, frenado, curvas y bordillos del motor.

  • Licencia comercial Assetto Corsa.

  • Estación por telemetría.

  • Support online. 




  • Software functions Wi-Fi connection to obtain telemetry data

  • Wifi OTA (Over The Air) software updates and customizations

  • Easy drag and drop web tool to create your custom dashboard

  • The data displayed on the dashboard is the data that drivers can actually see.

  • The behavior of all hardware components is a replica of that of a real formula steering wheel (buttons, absolute encoders, behavior of the LEDs and behavior of the screen)

  • Continuous Driver Dashboard Updates

  • Ready to get fully custom software on request

  • and a lot lot more

  • Hardware features

  • 10 front buttons

  • 2 rear buttons (DRS and custom functions)

  • 8 high torque industrial absolute encoders for a great feel (for managing fuel mixture, ERS mapping, push and decelerate power unit modes, brake balance, differential display information, etc.)

  • 5 inch screen

  • High quality materials (real carbon fiber front)

  • 15 rpm LED

  • 6 LED indicators.

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      PODIUM DD2:

  • Custom designed servo motor and the first direct drive motor optimized for racing simulation applications.

  • The Outrunner-type engine achieves an exceptional maximum torque of 20 Nm, corresponding to the torque delivered in most real racing cars that use power steering.

  • Acceleration and engine speed remain at the highest levels, even with heavy flywheels.

  • The basics of the podium wheel include advanced telemetry functions on the OLED display for real-time data on the motor and force feedback, such as power output, FFB clipping and more.

  • Extremely low latency thanks to the highest quality electronics and integrated components.

  • Interchangeable plates in brushed aluminum.

  • The torque wrench allows users to lock / unlock the full performance of the DD1.


  • RIN OZ




​      PEDALS - F1:


  • Professional pedal with 2 pedals (accelerator and brake)


  • The pedal unit uses a linear potentiometer combined with a spring to detect the throttle pressure, while


  • It uses a 100kg load cell on the brake pedal to really simulate the braking system of a real racing car.





Active belts are an essential part.

Developed for the professional and research environment, the entire Active Belt system, for the transmission and perception of G-forces, contributes in a complementary and significant way to the increase of realism when cornering and braking.

With 2 rotary actuators that control seat belt tension in real time while driving, the system can transmit up to 5G (nominal 200 Nm on each belt) with extreme braking. Each actuator is individually controlled, based on the combined effect of the G-Forces, until the end of the event itself.

The tension that our body perceives is mentally interpreted and associated with different driving conditions; In the absence of stress, our body does not perceive any residual tension.

The system has been developed and expresses maximum performance in conjunction with Sparco belts, manufactured expressly for Formula One.